Robert, a simple man, lives a relatively customary life -if you can call a person residing in an old rundown hut strewn with hay, on an abandoned farm in the Pampas, normal. A hunter-gatherer, he scavenges for food on a daily basis. With a strict routine followed every day, he goes about life as well as he possibly can, trying to survive in some of the world’s most arduous conditions. Robert has no recollection of the past. He doesn't have any memory of the harder days gone by of conflict, war, blood, and hunger. There is no need for him to remember; why would he want to recollect such ill-fate when he has found solitude in his quiet unspoiled place that he now calls home? 

Robert lives by these principles:

· Free will

· Permanent death (sad, ain´t it?)

· Procedural scenarios and combat situations

· Turn based/real-time combat

· Seasons and day/night cycle

· Algorithmic AI and combat variables

· Simple interface but deep, complex mechanics

We believe a game should always include the right mix between proven formulas and the unexpected, which is why over many cups of coffee we have come up with our own twists that we hope will engage, surprise and thrill the adventurer.


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It's easy to underestimate Robert. He is an average guy, and his fearsome enemies will tend to disregard him as a threat. They will commit this mistake very often, resulting in a bad outcome for them.

Robert´s mind occasionally wanders, considering alternatives for his future and his loneliness. He often perches himself on his favorite rock, that sits in front the shack that he calls home. With his neck stretched back, he allows the powerful beating sun to bounce off his face, warming his entire body, helping him to recall his younger, more blameless days. 


Day in day out he goes about the same pattern, which consists of short bursts of sleep on an uncomfortable bed of hay, something which he has grown accustomed to over the years, with Sparky watching his back. He is, as Mad Max, a man reduced to one instinct: survival.

He loves hunting boar and Sparky, is also a valuable ally for this. The dog is young and full of energy, and has a fierce resolve like his master. He does not leave Robert´s side and is always standing watch and running behind armadillos and rabbits. In spite of several years of peace and tranquility, Sparky hasn´t lost one bit of his innate watchful and wary side. He is also a friend.



Occasionally, Robert will muster up the energy to walk 80 km east where a town, once struck by poverty and great misfortune, is slowly coming to life. It is in this town, still haunted by the past, that he has the opportunity for some limited human interaction. As far as he can tell, the other humans seem somewhat normal, but then again what is normal anymore? 

Robert takes momentary pleasure in the simplicity of life there. Like all other local men, he engages in friendly games, gambling over a flat beer in a derelict bar overcome by flies. As they throw down their cards and shout, they casually swat at the stubborn flies hovering around their bearded faces. 

The trip is long, tedious and difficult. The dirt roads fill the air with dust, making it difficult to breathe and see. His visits to town are few and far between, but he always makes sure to stay a number of days at a time, making his bar sessions worthwhile. He often puts off the arduous trip back home to the lonely Pampas. Flies, reptiles, the sticky humid air that is difficult to inhale, and the dust-filled skies always make the trip seemingly longer and lonelier. 

When he heads back, his feet swell and uncomfortable blisters sting his heels. He numbs his mind by trying to refocus his thoughts. The jumping hares that flirt with the unused train tracks somehow remind him of the days gone by. What is so captivating about the old crumbling train bridge that cuts across the Second River? He typically rests on the bridge, feeling safe as a result of the enhanced awareness provided by the elevated point. Dangling his legs aimlessly over the bridge’s edge while elegant dragonflies buzz haphazardly around his head, he tries to block unpleasant memories, to no avail. 

Back home in the deathly quietness, days go by slowly, silently, as thick honey dripping from a beehive. One day, after noon, Robert’s peace is finally broken. An acquaintance from town visits him with unsettling news, of people searching for him – outlanders. They had gone from home to home banging on doors, demanding any news on Robert and his brother’s whereabouts. Upon hearing the news, Robert shows little surprise – it is almost as if he knows his time has come. The visitor recounts a bloody scene between the outsiders and an innocent old man who knew nothing. The thugs had threatened the man, shaking him for any word on Robert or his sibling. The old man, claiming he knew nothing of Robert, did not give in. Frustrated by the lack of information, they beat him badly, knocking him to the ground with a large thump resulting on a broken nose. Those outlanders – Robert knows exactly who they are and what they want- are corrupt agents seeking revenge and searching for something that he and his brother had taken years before. 

No one really knows who or what these agents do, but one thing is for sure: if their paths ever crossed, it will result in loss of freedom, health or life. Information about the mysterious agents is vague. What is known is that they are powerful, commanding exclusive technology and benefiting from their sheer numbers and organisation.

They are the remaining operatives from the last-standing giant corporation. Somehow they are still functioning and even expanding, filling the grim voids with hate and fear that previous civilizations had left behind. Robert smiles smugly as he recalls the faces of these agents vividly. Every single detail from their odd clothing to their rugged exteriors was implanted in his brain, and as he visualizes them, he shudders, recalling the atrocity they have the power to inflict. It never ceases to amaze him how some men will continue to clash and fight for power even if society has collapsed, even if there is no real power to seize. He has always struggled to comprehend why some men without mercy would continue to try and rise among their peers without any logical reason other than their sick desire to rule. 

He knows these men too well. He knows what they’re capable of. They are ruthless and evil and they will stop at nothing. With these thoughts in mind, Robert knows too well that his quiet, undisturbed life in the lowlands of the Pampas is about to come to an end. Robert’s comrade continues with more news on the struggle that followed. The agents have learned that Robert’s brother, whom he had not seen for some time, had left and was headed towards the barren tussock covered land where Peru once stood. His exact whereabouts are unknown, but everybody assumes that people going north will finally end up in the reviving civilisation of Machu Picchu. Sweating at the brow, his friend continues, hurriedly explaining to Robert what he had overheard. One of the leaders of the agents, a small and creepy individual with a pitched voice, had gathered a group of his strongest men in haste. They are heading to old Peru. Robert knows he must locate his long-lost brother before the agents do. He needs to pack up quickly and go in search for his sibling. During his epic journey he will try to avoid any contact with the agents, risking a sudden end to his imminent adventure.

Robert will sometimes brake the fourth wall, so stay tuned for his thoughts and commentaries.