We are a team of gamers looking to create the deepest possible experience for other gamers who have exceptionally high standards like us.

We belong to a gaming era where an intelligent game requiring quick wit and a well-crafted plot could transport you to a faraway place and trigger your imagination in ways beyond what the majority of big studio games can achieve.

By using proven formulas that have had guaranteed successes in the past, applying the following principles, and of course adding our own flair with newly created concepts of our own, we aim to create one of the greatest gaming experiences for this genre to date. Our game will have, but not be limited to:

· Free will

· Permanent death

· Procedural scenarios and combat situations

· Turn based/real-time combat

· Actions that have persistent consequences on the world

· Seasons and Day/Night cycle

· Algorithmic AI and combat variables

· Simple interface but deep, unseen, complex mechanics