The silent roads


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“A devastating apocalyptic event has mysteriously annihilated most of the world’s population. No one knows what happened and there are many theories circulating, from the great Malthusian collapse to a technological singularity. According to some legends, it´s the result of a Von Neumann Berserker probe, but nobody can be too sure. Pockets of depraved humans still exist, surrounded by wilderness, abandoned cities left in ruins, and the unknown." 

We believe in talent and hard work. We believe in passion. We dream of coming up with brilliant ideas that will reignite the Golden Era. We believe in art and design. Each of our illustrations and concepts should become a work of art. We believe in crafting a unique gaming experience without the aid of engines or any other constraints.

Essentially, we are gamers, working for gamers!

We are also firm believers in the fact that no matter what has been utilized in the past, it can still be improved by using the same ingredients as a base and adding our own special touches to create something remarkable.