the game


The Silent Roads is an additional dosis of FTL, of Fallout, for all of you who finished these games and are craving for more, and for a better post apocalyptic roguelike. We want to become the true Fallout 1/2 successors and add the roguelike twist to it. 

“A devastating apocalyptic event has mysteriously annihilated most of the world’s population. No one really knows what happened and there are many theories circulating, from the great Malthusian collapse to a technological singularity, radically altering the world’s civilization. According to some legends, it is the result of an external origin triggered by a Von Neumann Berserker probe, but nobody can be too sure. Pockets of depraved humans still exist, surrounded by wilderness, abandoned cities left in ruins, and the unknown."

We believe a game should always include the right mix between proven formulas and the unexpected, which is why over many cups of coffee we have come up with our own twists that we hope will engage, surprise and thrill the adventurer. Our twists include:

1. World and Enemy Persistency

There are a number of severe threats you will meet along your epic journey, but there will continue to be one enemy that will follow you, persistently hunt you, and if you are unlucky, kill you; which is something to avoid at all costs because death is permanent. You will not endure a so-called ‘final battle’ standoff with him, but instead it will be a case of an everlasting game of ‘cat and mouse’ – sometimes you will even pleasure in being the predator, but at times you will also inevitably be the mouse.

2. Combat Psychology

Throughout the game you will be required to use intelligence and quick wit. Combat psychology and special strategies, not necessarily pertaining to physical warfare, will be needed as you approach each individual challenge.

3. Combat Awareness

Before engaging in any kind of battle, you will be required to make a series of decisions. These decisions will always keep you on your feet, helping you to possibly avoid an untimely death. One of the videos posted here shows you this pre-combat moment of truth.

4. Unpredictable AI

The implementation of unpredictable AI, which is triggered by different situations and the smallest of details, will keep you on your toes and add an element of surprise.

5. Countless enemies

We don't like a limited one-on-one combat in every encounter. We love FTL, but we always enjoy the possibility of fighting a whole town like in Fallout. We are building an engine that could theoretically put you in front of dozens of enemies at a time. A battle with multiple enemies and sometimes, an impossible battle that you might still choose to fight. (we said free will, and it includes the free will for being suicidal!)

6. Impossible battles

Have you noticed that every game has a carefully crafted battle almost perfectly aligned to your capabilities? That's fine with us, only we think that in real situations, some impossible scenarios might occur, so it would be more realistic to add some locations where combat could become a nearly insurmountable challenge. Do you remember attacking the military HQ in Grand Theft Auto? We are looking into the same kind of situation, except for the unrealistic, unlimited enemies. 

There's another image that has been part of our discussions. If you can recall Star Wars: Jedi Knight, at some point you would find yourself overlooking an Empire Fortress full of Stormtroopers in formation. You knew that making a sound or being seen would send all enemies in pursuit, with infinite odds against you. That kind of suspense and tension is something we want to replicate. 

7. Our own secret sauce

We want to avoid the spoiler here. If we reveal this too early, our unique concept might get swiped by one of the big gaming studios and turned into a boring, soul-less 3D franchise! Nonetheless, we can let you know that we found a sweet spot between FTL -Faster than light-, Fallout, Minecraft and Jagged Alliance. Something related to the higher CPU capabilities of today + complex algorithms.

Staying Away from Stereotypes – What we want to Avoid

These days, it´s difficult to find a game in this genre that doesn´t involve fighting mutated creatures such as insects and zombie infected vermin, and this is something we plan to steer clear of in The Silent Roads. The same goes for long boring combat situations that result in nothing – grinding and stuff. Who has time for that when you can explore, engage, imagine, and have real fun?

Other things you will surely not find in our game are generic concepts that many developers like to add for no apparent reason such as farming, running errands or leveling over nonthreatening creatures.

Our protagonist does not have superhuman powers nor will he ever. But what he does possess is a keen intellect and a relentless will. The only out of the ordinary object he might find is the prototype of a neural helmet. Yep, for some of you it might sound too sci-fi, but you´ll be grateful for the possibilities it offers once you reach Macchu Picchu.