Combat is an essential part of the experience when playing The Silent Roads and one of the features which our team has devoted the most time to.

The core of the game has been perfectly balanced with a unique combat system that depends on a number of different algorithms. These algorithms randomize numerous variables, creating a unique battle experience each time you inadvertently enter a conflict zone.

Our protagonist is intelligent and quick-witted, and he possesses more mental resources than physical ones. Each time he decides upon entering a hostile area, the player will need to assess the situation and risk factor. As the player moves forward closer to his final destination, the game will provide specific information. With the knowledge the players receive, they will have the choice whether they want to take the risk or head in another direction – a decision they must make wisely.

It requires rational thought and logic. Think carefully before going full force into a battle – you only have one chance and death is permanent.

Be warned as soon as the time elapses or the player decides to advance, anything can happen. At that moment the unique algorithm will randomize a set of specific variables with certain constraints based on the location, enemies, world persistency, and any additional threats that may be lurking in the Silent Roads realms.